Cyrillic Travel Guidebook – A Beginner’s Guide to the Slavic Language and Culture

Whether youre traveling to Slovakia, Belgium or the Czech Republic, learning some of the vocabulary and lifestyle may help make your trip more enjoyable. Learn the Cyrillic alphabet, that is used in many Asian European languages, so you can reading street names, labels and public indications.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, may be the perfect mixture of old-world allure and modern day vibrancy. It’s filled with striking buildings, fanciful bronze figurines and an exciting nightlife field. The city likewise hosts many major ethnical events, Slavic Dating Sites including the world-famous International Film Festival.

Jurmala, the largest hotel area in Latvia, is a great destination for relaxing seashore vacations. It offers a white sand shore and is home to Livu Akvaparks, the greatest indoor drinking water park in Northern The european union. In addition , Jomas Street – the main pedestrian thoroughfare — is a entertaining place to people-watch and grab a few authentic Latvian food.

Tiny, forgotten Slovenia is among the most unexpectedly charming spots in European countries. Its melding of this Slavic, The german language and Italian language cultures is normally unlike anything you’ll find in the area. It’s a accept escape from the tourist throngs in Croatia, Venice and Munich.

In terms of history, the Slavs are considered to become group of people whose original habitat was in the East European region between the Baltic Sea and the Danube Lake. Although they in many cases are connected with Russia, Slavic cultures were spread throughout the region, and so they have motivated other European different languages and nationalities as well.

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